All about your DH Beauty Box

The Experience

DH Beauty Box is a cosy and charming place in Clayfield,  less than 7.5 km from Brisbane offering a large diversity of tailored skin and beauty treatments. The moment you walk in, you are greeted with a genuine smile welcoming you to an oasis of relaxation and good vibes.

After receiving a personalized advice, you can let yourself be carried on an amazing journey while experienced and caring hands unfold your natural beauty.

DH Beauty Box is not only a beauty salon but a unique beauty experience.

Dawn Howitt
Dawn Howitt

My name is Dawn Howitt and my goal is to help you unveil the natural beauty that lies within and shine brighter than ever before!

The Story

It all started with Dawn Howitt, a talented beauty therapist from Scotland who believed that everyone deserves to feel great about themselves, no matter the age or personal background.

After graduating college, she started to work for large companies within the country and won several beauty therapy awards. That motivated Dawn to open her own business which has been successfully inspired skin confidence and delivered customer satisfaction for the past 15 years.

Recently relocated to Australia, DH Beauty Box is delighted to introduce new manicure and pedicure techniques, advanced skincare treatments, as well as relaxing aromatherapy massages.

The main character of DH Beauty Box is YOU. Let your beauty tell the story forward…

The Philosophy

Care is the heart of our values. DH Beauty Box strives to achieve the perfect balance between understanding each problem, using excellent products and providing the best customized treatments for visible, long-lasting results.

Our vision relies on strong pillars that take beauty salons to another level.

Why Choose us


Highly Qualified and Trained Therapists

Our DH Beauty Box Team will cater for all your beauty needs and the quality of the beauty salon services is nothing short of exceptional.


Revolutionising skincare treatments through technology

We specialise in a range of beauty treatments and we use our state of art technology machines that we use in our salon.


We sell quality beauty products to enhance your natural beauty

Our Australian made beauty products are the highest quality simple, effective and affordable cosmeceutical skincare for men and women of all skin types.


We genuinely care about our clients and what we do

We’re always striving to give our guests the best possible experience when they visit our salon.