ASAP Revitalising Body Trio


3 Simple Steps to Summer Skin!

1. Exfoliate – asap revitalising bodyscrub polishes and revitalises skin
2. Cleanse – asap revitalising bodywash is infused with purifying botanical oils to calm, soothe and refresh
3. Hydrate – asap revitalising bodymoist is an all-over body moisturiser that helps leave skin smooth and intensely hydrated.

$95 RRP  |  $150 VALUE  |  $40 SAVING

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How to use
1. Massage asap revitalising bodyscrub onto damp skin and rinse off.
2. Massage asap revitalising bodywash onto wet skin and rinse off.
3. Apply asap revitalising bodymoist generously to clean, dry skin and massage into the whole body.

Calms & Soothes + Deep Cleansing + Intense Hydration = Smoother Skin

How It Works
Revitalising Bodyscrub polishes and revitalises skin with a combination of Glycolic Acid and non-plastic exfoliating beads, while nourishing oils and powerful antioxidants treat and improve skin appearance. The blend of Essential Oils awakens and invigorates the senses.

Revitalising Bodywash is infused with purifying botanical oils of Bergamot + Lavender to calm and soothe, essential citrus oils of Lime + Lemon to cleanse and refresh + Geranium to balance and promote skin health.

Revitalising Bodymoist is an all-over body moisturiser rich in Glycolic Acid, Essential Oils and Green Tea to help revitalise and nourish skin, leaving it feeling smooth and intensely hydrated, with a light refreshing citrus fragrance.