Introduction to ASAP Gift Set


The Introduction to ASAP Gift Set includes:

1 x daily exfoliating facial scrub 15mL
1 x gentle cleansing gel 15mL
1 x daily facial cleanser 15mL
1 x liquid platinum 50mL
1 x super B complex 15mL
1 x moisturising daily defence SPF50+ 15mL
1 x anti-ageing night cream 15mL

ASAP Introduction Gift Set – Start your day in promoting good daily skin care, this gift set gives you all the right tools.

$119 RRP  |  $200 VALUE  |  $80 SAVING

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Features of the ASAP Gift Set

  • Targets skin concerns
  • Brightens skin tone.
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Reduces wrinkles.

How to use

AM morning routine
1. daily exfoliating facial scrub
2. gentle cleansing gel
3. super B complex
4. moisturising daily defence SPF50+

PM evening routine
1. daily facial cleanser
2. liquid platinum
3. super B complex
4. anti-ageing night cream


  • Deep-Cleansing
  • Exfoliates
  • Rejuvenating