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What are Facial Peels?

Are the facial peels dry on your skin like a thin layer of glue that you pull off your face? No, those are peel-off masks. So what are they?

What Do Facial Peels Do?

Peels are simply a form of chemical exfoliation. They remove dead skin cells, mainly through the use of acids that loosen the bond between the cells, and dissolve debris away. Unlike physical exfoliants (like scrubs and microdermabrasion), peel ingredients sink into the skin, targeting deeper layers than a physical exfoliant can reach. Despite this, a peel is often considered more gentle than a scrub. For those with a sensitive skin type who still want to smooth and refresh their complexion, a light peel is a fantastic option that won’t aggravate their complexion.

Why use Non-Toxic Facial Peels?

Non-Toxic Facial Peels are non-invasive superficial peels revitalise and rejuvenate the skin with minimal downtime, improving the texture of the skin by removing damaged outer layers to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin.

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What are the benefits of Non Toxic Facial Peels?

Smooths Skin

The most obvious benefit of a facial peel is, of course, smoother skin. Removing the dull, outer layer of dead skin cells with a facial peel leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft. To lock in smoothness, ensure your skin is kept deeply hydrated and protected post-peel.

Evens Skin Tone

With continued use, discolourations such as sun and age spots will look diminished, leaving your skin feeling bright and youthful.

Primes Skin

Because a peel reveals new skin cells and smooths your complexion, it leaves the skin as a perfect canvas to deeply absorb further treatments. A peel can be the perfect facial step to prime skin to reap the benefits of face masks and finishing products, as well as make extractions easier for your esthetician to perform.

Minimizes Fine Lines

Using a non-toxic facial peel will help battle the look of fine lines as it delivers a gentle and hydrating form of exfoliation, remoisturizing the epidermis while sloughing away dead skin cells.

Clears Congestion

Much like how they shrink pores, peels are a fantastic way to clear away any congestion in the skin. Small whiteheads, blackheads, and milia are common signs of congested skin, and the acids in a facial peel work to gently break apart the “gunk” that’s causing clogged pores.

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