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Pedicure & Foot Care Treatments

At DH Beauty Box we have an individually tailored foot treatment performed by a Podiatrist in a safe and sterile environment. It includes an exfoliation treatment, hot towel treatment, professionally trimmed nails and callus removal with a specialised moisturising treatment for feet and a foot massage.

At DH Beauty Box we offer more than just services to pamper your feet in that we individually tailor treatment solutions to ensure we can provide a holistic service to address your needs.

pedicure treatment

Intense Care & Attention to Detail

DH Beauty Box Pedicure Service

Let’s be honest, our feet take a lot of punishment. Not only does a regular pedicure give your feet the care they deserve, it also means you’re left with pretty, pampered feet which you’ll be happy to show off.

At DH Beauty Box, our salon therapists have the experience necessary to give you perfectly soft feet and beautifully coloured nails for the perfect pedicure. Whether you’re after an express service or a longer, more indulgent treatment, we have the perfect pedicure option for you.

Because you deserve it!