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Rejuvenation Skin Workout – 30 min

The rejuvenation workout provides an instant recharge for dull skin and treats a range of skin concerns including dryness, skin congestion and break-outs. The combination of effective exfoliation methods in this workout will provide noticeable results and a refreshed, radiant complexion.


• Remove eye make-up using gentle eye make-up remover
• Cleanse the face, neck and décolletage with a daily facial cleanser
• Exfoliate with a daily exfoliating facial scrub
• Follow with a gentle cleansing gel gently lathered with water. Rinse thoroughly
• Mix 10 drops of lactic peel, 10 drops of glycolic peel with 2 pumps of super A+ serum, 2 pumps of super B Complex and 2 pumps of super C serum into a Peel Bowl and mix with a Peel Brush to form a Mask.
• Apply to the Face, Neck and Décolletage and leave on the skin for 10 mins
• Apply 1-2 pumps of ultimate hydration and massage into the skin.
• Apply a moisturising daily defence SPF50+ on the face, neck and décolletage. CC cream may also be applied over the top.
• Finish with pure mineral makeup and hydrating lip balm+ SPF15

Rejuvenation Skin Workout