Why Waxing?

Well, we are here to praise waxing as one of the best hair removal methods, because it is! Despite the fact that a stranger will have to see your body hair, and apart from the pain that inevitably comes when your hair is being pulled out from the root, waxing offers many amazing benefits. It’s definitely worth it to put up with a little rain if you want to see the rainbow and the pot of gold at the end: silky smooth skin with finer regrowth -guaranteed

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Waxing verse other methods

Bikini waxing versus shaving

When you wax, it provides a smoother and longer-lasting result because it removes hair from the root. Shaving cuts the hair below the surface of the skin and this creates a prickly feeling. You will find a much healthier solution in waxing as it provides exfoliation as well as hair removal giving you, the smoothest skin possible.

Bikini waxing and hair removal creams

Not only does waxing provide longer-lasting and smoother results, but chemical creams can also cause irritation of the skin and in some cases burn if left on for too long. They also only remove hair just below the skin’s surface and not from the root.

Bikini waxing versus Epilators

Epilators are machines that remove hair below the skin’s surface similar to shaving or tweezing. They are slower and significantly more painful than waxing. Waxing provides longer-lasting and smoother results with minimal discomfort.

Bikini waxing versus home Laser Hair Removal

These home devices are new to the market and do not work for everyone due to hair and skin colour pre-requisites and the power of the device. You don’t want to end up with an expensive at-home device that does not work.

Want silky smooth skin?

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What are the benefits?


Less regrowth between appointments

There is a good reason why regrowth seems slower when you wax: the hair is pulled from the root.


Your hair will grow back progressively finer and sparser

This is because waxing tears hair off from the root, which causes the hair follicle to get weaker over time. Weak hair follicles produce finer, sparser hair.


Your skin will be less prone to inflammation

This is a very common disadvantage of shaving that can be greatly relieved with waxing since the skin will be less exposed to repeated friction: only one appointment a month means less inflammation and even less chance of developing skin discolouration. Did you know that repeated shaving leads to chronic skin inflammation? The friction from the razor —as well as the natural skin-to-skin friction in this area— give way to inflammation and discolouration.


You will avoid the risk of nicks and cuts

There is always the risk of getting cut when you’re using a razor, even more so when your hands are covered in foam and soap, and you’re in one of the least safe places in the house: the bathroom. When you start waxing, your skin overall will be less exposed to damage.


You will enjoy the attention of a professional esthetician

This should be the first and foremost reason why you should always choose to have a professional waxing before attempting to wax at home. Professionals know exactly how to handle every step of the process, have the right techniques and plenty of experience behind them.