We are online

We are online!

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been declared a global pandemic and is having an unprecedented impact on our business and our economy at large. Times are uncertain, and while we don’t have all the answers, we’re doing everything we can to offer guidance to our customers

Let’s stay connected!

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Staying connected to our customers is always important, but now it’s even more so. Therefore we are planning to send you a monthly email newsletter where we can educate with what you cand do at home until our clinic is open. So, please subscribe to our newsletters 😊

Please make sure that you like our FB page👍& Instagram page so we can be in contact.

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Now, you can buy our products online from our website

Also, due to numerous inquiries, we wanted to provide our loyal clients with a modality to purchase the products that we believe in online. So, with the help of our website designers from Upward Consulting, we built a secure e-commerce store, where we can display the amazing products that are in stock.

Click the “Shop” link in the menu item and browse through our list of products! Unwind and relax & Happy shopping!

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Thank you for your support! Stay safe & Happy shopping!

Your beauty therapist,

Dawn XX